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Water Quality Report – 2017 EXETER RIVER MHP COOPERATIVE

Water Report 3-2017








1.     If a tree is scheduled to be removed, there are many possible reasons for this, dying tree, many dead limbs, shallow roots, roots interfering with water and sewer lines and future construction.
2.     It is a violation of our rules and bylaws to interfere with contractors and maintenance personel working in the park and this is considered a serious offense.
3.     When the tree company is here, this means a contract has been signed and the agreement is done. We do this twice a year. You cannot fill out a request for tree removal and expect to be added to this list. The arborist will come around twice a year only! Do not expect immediate responses!
4.     Trees are the responsibility of the Coop, so maintenance will do what is necessary with the trees.



CIP PLAN -2017

Maintenance & Material Request Form (PDF)



Exeter Transfer Station Hours
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